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Lifestyle Innovations For Epilepsy, Inc. (a.k.a. LIFE) is dedicated to providing support services to individuals living with epilepsy and their caregivers. The need for an in-depth educational toolkit became apparent when parents began coming forward and seeking more information about their child’s medical condition. Parents wanted more information about how epilepsy affected all aspects of their child’s life. They were in need of a guide to help them through this life transition, not just another pamphlet about seizures. It needed to be a tool which could be thrown in a bag and carried along to all types of appointments, with large pockets and a stationary supply pouch to help keep medical records organized. Parents needed a way to have contact information, business cards, and tangible resource information within easy reach whenever it was needed.

And so…this is when the Toolkit Project was created as part of our LIFE support services.

LIFE Tools Project

Additional Toolkit Documents

Lifestyle Innovations For Epilepsy, Inc.

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