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-Referral services to other specilialists and physicians

-Referral services to other not-for-profits and companies

-Information on advocacy events in your area

-Information on available treatments for epilepsy, ABC's of seizure of seizure management

What's available?

Providing information on available epilepsy centers and regional hospitals that are experts in epilespy care.

Epilepsy is a unique condition whose management and successful outcome is completely dependent on the knowledge and active involvement by the individual who has it. Not only does epilepsy require the education and involvement of the patient and support people, but the creative and determined efforts of their highly trained health care professionals.

Expertise & Impact

LIFE was established to serve Nebraska and western Iowa by offering comprehensive education and epilepsy management programs dedicated to help those with epilepsy learn to live well with the condition. LIFE will increase participation in and solidify partnerships with professionals and businesses in Nebraska and western Iowa.

Future Planning


We have designed an innovative organization that provides guidance, information, and support on non-medical aspects of epilepsy care to individuals and their families. LIFE engages the public to increase epilepsy awareness and improve the quality of life for individuals living with epilepsy. Our model relies on a philosophy of partnering with professionals and establishing collaborative relationships with individuals with epilepsy, their families, and the community to deliver a unique comprehensive program of services.

LIFE Services

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Our outreach will soon extend to South Dakota, Kansas, and Missouri.

Proudly serving clients in

Nebraska and Western Iowa

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