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• Understanding your rights under the (ADA)

Americans with Disabilities Act

• You and your child’s rights

• Managing your child’s (IEP)

Individual Education Plan

• Managing your child’s (IHP)

Individual Health Plan

Project 02


• Education programs for K-12 teachers

• Collaborative nutrition awareness with

grocery stores

• Collaborative nutrition awareness with


• Collaborative exercise programs with gyms

• Collaborative meditative programs with

holistic and yoga centers

• Collaboration with early intervention


• Information booths at local Health &

Wellness events

• Presentations to local businesses and schools

• Education about epilepsy and employment to

businesses and schools

Project 03


(Support & Knowledge)

• ABC’s of seizure management

• Community resources

• Managing side effects of medications

• Understanding alternative treatments

• Video games and epilepsy

• Psychological issues of having epilepsy

• Counseling/coping with emotions

• Cognitive rehabilitation

Project 01

Future Projects Underway

Gear System 1

Lifestyle Innovations For Epilepsy, Inc.

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